Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kissxsis - Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

The latest episode chock full of kisses, choco-lipstick, choco-banana and erotic tongue works never seem to stop surprising me.

Last week's episode focused mostly on Ako and for this week, Riko will take over the stage with her first ever home made sweets. With Riko being bad in the kitchen, who knows what kind of bizzare concoction she'll produce in her wake that death will come to you in meer seconds. But you do have to give her an applause for trying again.

The quirkiness of Mikazuki's banana action is the win in this episode. The sound of slurping, licking and lip smacking can make anybody's imaginaton go wild that it sort of feel so innocent that it seemed so right. I mean, it's just someone enjoying her fruit right.

New-type alert!

Riko definitely need more lessons in English

It's quite amazing how a girl can get turned on with a kiss, a really wet kiss to be exact. This Riko only episode was erotic that anybody would think Keita will go to 'home'. It really almost became a Hollywood style bed scene. Too bad it was a strike though.

Without a doubt that this episode is purely fanservice. We've discovered that Keita is pretty much aggressive when it comes to kissing. I like how they kept things suggestive and yet not what it actually is. Think it's time to get that choco-lipstick.

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