Thursday, August 19, 2010

K-ON!! - No, Thank You! Second Ending Single

NO, Thank You! is the second ending single for moe moe kyun anime K-ON!! Like all past ending singles, it's sung by Akiyama Mio's seiyuu, Hikasa Youko and has a more deep and serious lyrics than the first ending, Listen!!. I'd dare say this single is much much better than the first single!

Track list:

1. NO, Thank You!
2. Girls in Wonderland
3. NO, Thank You! (Instrumental)
4. Girls in Wonderland (Instrumental)

NO, Thank You!
It's the second ending theme for K-ON!! and is probably the most enjoyable ending theme from K-ON! The song started slow the first 11 seconds but picks up quickly. It's fast, catchy and upbeat. The lyrics and music really complements each other and adding in Hikasa Youko's as the vocals turned it to perfection. Anyone who listened to it for the first time would end up falling in love with it!

Girls in Wonderland
In its second track, it feels as though HTT has gone back to its roots of the first season ending and second season first ending theme. Like their previous songs from, it's fast and upbeat, and I really love the keyboard in this track. While it's not as great as NO, Thank You!, I still enjoyed this song.

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