Wednesday, April 14, 2010

K-ON!! Episode 02!!

It's episode 2 and we'll be seeing Yui's angelic sleeping face!! It's clean-up day for Houkago Tea Time when searching their store room became a chore with it filled up with too many things.

Yui and Ritsu are definitely against cleaning things up that they even wanted to practice hard for the day and even synced up when saying "I hate housework more than having three meals a day." That phrase actually made me giggled. Even after that being said, they still started to clear things up when Mugi and Azusa already moved some of the boxes out and discovered odd things dolls that mostly belonged to Yui and one to Mio.

Mugi also started to cleared out the cupboard and introduced her expansive looking teacups that shocked Yui in dropping the box when she heard the price. Teacups are saved thanks to our drummer and I have this odd feeling that K-ON fans are gonna start looking for and buying those teacups...are those Hermes tea cups? They eventually dug up a case with a guitar in it which belonged to Sawa-chan-sensei. Azusa got all excited and asked her to teach her but backed out once Yui showed her a picture of Sawa-chan-sensei during her high-school. Sensei decided to pawn it off to help with the funding of the club.

 Hard core fans will search high and low for these...

They decided to drop by a home center (think of it as Walmart) and Mugi got all excited like a kid in a toy shop. And as the oddball she always has been, Yui got excited over screws and tools.

The keion-bu finally made it to the music store and boy everyone got the shock of their life when they heard it's price when the guy at the counter spit it out with a straight face followed by a detailed explanation which I got lost halfway through.

It's really funny how they became greedy and thinks of the many things they could get. I didn't expect for Mio to fall into the trap as well but Mugi was the only one left sane as the rest became mindless zombies.

I tried this at Burger King once but I had hard time eating...

 Doesn't she remind you of Hanamaru Youchien's Hiiragi?

Just so you know, her dream came true

I could confidently say that this episode is much better than the previous one, both the animation and the story itself. It's funny but you won't get a stomach pains from it but you would start to remember bits and pieces of the episodes that will make you giggle. Episode two sort of stressed more on Yui's silliness you'll sort of forget she's the big sister when Ui starts scolding her. All in all, I enjoyed this week's episode. I love the part when Ritsu eats her paper XD.

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