Friday, April 16, 2010

B Gata H Kei - Let's skip 'A' and go to 'B'

A funny beginning with a little trip to Mayu's and Kosuda's childhood, which also involved in Mayu's fear of falling in love (?). And as usual, Kazuki loves showing off her body to her little brother.

Part 1
School is about to have their cultural festival but Yamada is much more concerned about something else and is worried about Kosuda's camera. In no time at all, Yamada starts prawling around and following him wherever he goes.

Yamada sure love to get over imaginative with her mind but it's just too bad that they couldn't go somewhere very romantic. But hey, even a park can give good vibes no? But when it's time to develop pictures in the dark room, Yamada's 'H' radar activated. It's funny how they portrayed a reverse Big Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood which actually might explain the whole thing that is going on in the series.

Yamada came straight to the point when they got to the dark room. She even starts to strip and unhook her front-clasped bra. Too bad she didn't any though but she did get a couple of boobie grope. Ah yes, skipping A and right to B.

Part 2
With Yamada gaining another level, it's also nearing the Cultural Festival. With mission 'B' completed, she decides to rise up to 'A'...hmm...shouldn't it be 'C' after 'B'? As the class is going to do a haunted house, Yamada decides to be the ghost and steal Kosuda's first kiss, and it's her first as well.

 She entered the Miss Takizawa Contest on Misato and Katase's recommendation. It is pretty much obvious who's gonna win but it really is a close call but it did make Kosuda feel further away from her.

A cutely funny episode so to say. You could also see some sort of relationship(?) developing. With Yamada that happy seeing Kosuda calling out to her but because she was too 'tsun' it was all over before they even hold hands...waiting in line from 48 guys...such patience.

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